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McLaren’s Middle East tour sees new photos of the P1 supercar on the Bahrain International Circuit

It’s beginning to feel like we can’t go a full week without getting at least one McLaren P1 release. Just two days ago McLaren unveiled interior photos of its latest supercar. Now, ahead of the vehicles arrival on the Bahrain International Circuit,  the British automaker has released even more photos of the full meal deal on the Bahrain International Circuit, ahead of the vehicle’s arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

These are a few of the first shots of the P1 in the flesh. In late January, McLaren self-published “spy” shots of the P1 in camouflage. It was with that teaser we learned a bit more of the supercar that aims to take on the hotly anticipated Ferrari F150.

Here are the rumors we’ve heard about the P1 so far: It’ll have a modified version of the MP4-12C’s twin-turbocharged V8 producing somewhere in the ballpark of 720 horsepower. Although McLaren expects the P1 to be the “best driver’s car on both road and track,” it will cost a staggering $1.1-million.

In spite of its almost cartoonish sticker price, Al Habtoor Motors in the UAE has stated that interest shown in the P1 has already been “huge.” Reading this tidbit reminded us how much exorbitant wealth lies in the UAE. Arguably, we’re hugely interested in the P1, too. We’re just not hot on the case of our local dealer to get one.

While we’d like to promise that the next release from McLaren will have some performance figures, we can’t in good conscience say that. If its track record is any indicator, McLaren is going to string us along for quite some time before we get to the meat of the car.

And when we learn a bit more about the P1 in what very well could be 48 hours, we’ll let you know.

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