What’s better than driving a Mercedes home from the airport? Riding in a helicopter

Mercedes-Benz Heli-Express

A Mercedes-Benz is among the most luxurious ways to get from Point A to Point B, but what happens when you have to step out of it?

Mercedes already has dealerships near certain airports that allow owners to avoid public parking through the company’s Airport Express service. Now, it’s taking things one step further.

The German carmaker has teamed up with a helicopter transport company called Air Melbourne to offer a new service, Motor Authority reports.

Customers can get off a plane in Melbourne, Australia, and get into a helicopter at an adjacent Mercedes dealership.

That’s one way to beat traffic.

The helicopters will whisk their passengers to the city center, giving Mercedes’ own cars a run for their money.

The service operates from sunrise to sunset, and costs AU$274 (about $254 U.S. at current exchange rates) per ride. Mercedes has no plans to offer helicopter rides outside Australia, but it will expand to other Melbourne-area airports in the near future.

Still, hile Mercedes owners in other markets won’t get to ride helicopters home from the airport, making the trip in a leather-lined, perfume-dispensing 2014 S-Class isn’t exactly torture.