VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz S-Class returns with lots of lens flare and stubble – and tons of cool tech

Mercedes S-class video

 Mercedes has officially begun its media blitz to promote the all-new 2014 S-Class. One of its first moves was to release the video you see above: five-minute-long, wordless homage to its latest and greatest safety features.

The rather ambiguously structured video follows a dapper young fellow over a day or so as he drives around LA looking at, well, things. Throughout the journey, the man encounters scenarios that perfectly show off the latest and greatest that the German automaker is capable of.

Ignoring the downright gorgeous and retro-inspired interior complete with ambient LED lighting, business “telephony,” and massaging seats, we’re most intrigued by the suit of safety technologies incorporated into the new Mercedes-Benz flagship.

What features make our favorite list so far? We like the DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist, Stop&Go Pilot, and most importantly Brake Assist (BAS) PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist.

BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist uses stereo cameras as well as a front-mounted radar system to read traffic ahead. If the system detects cross-traffic obstructions that might cause a collision, the system pre-loads the braking system. As soon as the driver applies the brake, no matter the force, the S-Class will apply the correct braking force required to avoid the collision.

More will be revealed about the S-Class so be sure to check back for more in-depth reporting into the 2014 S-Class tech.

Check out the video here: