Mercedes-Benz to launch ten new Merc models by 2015?

Rumor: Mercedes-Benz to launch ten new Merc models by 2015?

Fans of the three-pointed star will have a lot to be happy about if predictions from a recent article on Mercedes-Benz-Blog proves true. The Mercedes-Benz-focused website has taken an official and public document released by Daimler AG, which suggests that Mercedes-Benz could see its automobile portfolio increase by at least ten vehicles from now until 2015, and offered some insight into possible new models for each of the German luxury car maker’s automotive segments. If accurate, the next few years could prove to be busy ones for the folks over at Mercedes-Benz. 

While purely speculative, the following could be some of the vehicles welcomed into the Mercedes Family.


Joining the Mercedes compact family could be a four-door coupe (C117), a smaller CLS Shooting Brake (X117), and a GLC SUV (X156).

Mercedes’ mid-size segment may witness the arrival of a C-Class Sports Tourer (Vanartig), as well as a C-Class Cabriolet.

Moving up in size and stature, Mercedes may also introduce another Shooting Break model to its full-size lineup (similar to the X117). The company’s “large” segment of cars could see its number swell to eight, with three new models added to its roster: the S-Class XL, the S-Pullmann, and S Cabriolet.

Finally, the full-size SUV segment may also see its numbers increase by one with the ML-Coupe.

No details regarding pricing or market availability, but we expect Mercedes to release some information regarding its possible new models in the coming months. 

Image credit: Mercedes-Benz-Blog