Mercedes shows customization possibilities by unveiling hideous Mercedes SLS

Few things offered less reward this week than waiting an hour to see this beautiful, defaced car. Mercedes-AMG held an exclusive event last night at the New York International Auto Show to unveil a new C 63 (which now has a 5.5-liter engine, making it a C 55) and this poor automobile. Because I was on hand to cover the event, Mercedes representatives let me eat from their delicious snack table, full of crackers and cheeses. However, because I did not have the proper wristband (only obtained from a discreet booth on the other side of the convention center), they would not give me any water. Perhaps it was the dehydration, but the room did not appear pleased with the wait or unveil of this Mercedes SLS.

Presenters actually said that they were “building anticipation,” but seemed to stall, knowing that the car would not get the welcome it deserved. The head of AMG, who chatted for half an hour about the C 63, left the stage before the second car was unveiled. After it was shown, the presenters began defending its poorly chosen paint job.

Unfortunately, there is a reason why MySpace has died off: People make terrible design choices if you let them. In any case, if you’d like a “Boudalis Blue” car with orange detailing on the fender grill, all you have to do is ask.