Mexican supercar company to debut latest creation in England, of all places

VŪHL 05 teaser

Did you know that there’s a Mexican supercar company? There is!

It’s called VŪHL, standing for “Vehicles of Ultra-lightweight and High-performance…L,” though we suspect that’s just a roundabout way of justifying a name that sounds Scandinavian and therefore more legitimate in the supercar world.

VŪHL is getting ready to unveil their new model at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.

Called the “05,” the new supercar is a bit of an international effort. Mexican design firm Exte sculpted the outward appearance. While the vehicle is assembled in Mexico, the body is fabricated in Canada. Some Brits in the U.K. took care of the suspension handling and tuning.

Backed by the Mexican government, VŪHL was founded by two brothers: Iker and Guillermo Echeverria. Speaking with Autocar, Iker Echeverria said, “We intend VŪHL products to be renowned for their effective simplicity and aesthetics guided by a purity of function. The 05 and its successors will also be notable for uncompromising build quality, rigorous attention to detail and a driving experience par excellence.”

The 05 has been described as a niche supercar, which means to us that it’ll be produced in limited numbers and appeal to a small crowd. We will withhold our judgment of the fledgling supercar company until we see the final product. But we’re never displeased to see another road-legal supercar hit the pavement.

As soon as VŪHL makes more known of the 05, we’ll update you. As it stands now, however, the official unveiling will take place July 11th at Goodwood’s opening day.