Thought LA traffic was rough? Lockheed’s autonomous trucks navigate warzones

With all of the recent buzz surrounding Google’s automated cars, it would only make sense for the military to want to jump into the action. Not to say that the government is late to the party; the military widely utilizes drones in its operations.

The Autonomous Mobility Applique System (AMAS) by Lockheed Martin allows large vehicles to enter situations with nobody actually behind the wheel. The U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Center has buddied up with Lockheed Martin to begin to develop fully automated vehicles in a variety of types that can adhere to a wide variety of situations.

Displaying unnerving accuracy, as seen in the video below, the vehicles seem tailored to any scenario and handle obstacles with ease, whether it be open fields or tight urban environments. A group of AMAS vehicles send information to each other in order to adapt to the constantly changing environment. The vehicles also have the ability to react to changing traffic conditions.

Automated vehicles have many benefits. Not only could road-going self-driving cars effectively eliminate accidents, they could also allow drivers to sit back and relax during their daily commute. Even if you’re not in love with the idea of turning control of your car, there’s still a benefit to autonomous vehicles that everyone can agree with, though: Automated vehicles in the military.

After all, I don’t think there’s any one out there who wouldn’t want to avoid putting America’s heroes in harms way if they can avoid it.

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