To create a new look, Misha Designs’ Ferrari 458 body kit takes cues from LaFerrari FXX K

Misha Designs Ferrari 458 body kit
The Ferrari 458 may already have a replacement waiting in the wings, the 660-horsepower 488 GTB, but a new styling package may have you revisiting the Italian brand’s supercar yardstick.

The news comes from Los Angeles aftermarket manufacturer Misha Designs, who recently released preliminary renderings of its upcoming 458 body kit. One look at the car (especially the rear end) and it becomes very apparent that the kit was inspired by the hardcore LaFerrari FXX K.

The package isn’t in production yet, but it’s also clear from the digital sketches that Misha Designs has a carbon fiber fetish. And we like that.

Up front, you’ll notice a redesigned hood full of aggressive vents, splitters, and a new front bumper, nearly all of which wear carbon’s distinct weave. There are new side skirts and fenders as well, and out back, an FXX K-style rear diffuser and rear wing sculpt the air and apply downforce as needed. Instead of the spoiler featuring independent blades like on LaFerrari, though, Misha Designs’ version is one solid piece.

The company is now accepting pre-orders for the limited edition package, but delivery dates are still undetermined.

The FXX K, a 1035-hp track demon, is expensive even by supercar standards. Priced at $2.7 million, the $257,412, 562-hp 458 Spider looks downright cheap by contrast. Add in an undetermined amount of scratch for Misha Designs’ body kit (prices haven’t been released either), and you may have the next best thing.

A little less impressive when you put your foot down, perhaps but hey; it’s got the looks, and you can actually drive it on the road.

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