Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle: A car for a galaxy far, far away

Say what you will about concept cars: “they’re a waste of time,” “they’ll never be able to bring that to market” or “car ‘x’ deviates too much from its source”, but we happen to think they are pretty darn cool. So with that out of the way, we bring you yet another conceptual masterpiece that is one part futuristic Bugatii with a dash of Batmobile thrown in.

Dubbed the Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle, this impressive concept from Portuguese industrial designer Tiago Miguel Inácio is an automotive lesson in style. Taking some cues from Tim Burton’s Batmobile, Inácio’s concept is clearly (and heavily) intended for the future.

Powering the Mithos is a 1.5 megawatt electric motor that, when translated to more traditional car terms, outputs an astronomical 2, 0011 horsepower. In addition, the Mithos is created from an as-of-yet undiscovered composite material called H-Fiber that is, conveniently enough, crash resistant. It looks like in the future, the need for an auto body shops will be no more.

On top of an out of this world hp output and the potential for a self-repairing car, the Mithos is also packing a Terrain Scanning System (TSS), which allows the car’s suspension to morph and adapt to any road environment.

But the real innovation comes in the form of the car’s use of molecular teleportation technology. Yes indeed, the Mithos is also designed to utilize futuristic teleportation technology a la Back to the Future! In the immortal words of Dr. Emmet Brown…Great Scott!

While we can only speculate on pricing at this point, it’s more than likely the car will require the use of some sort of intergalactic credits that are currently unavailable to the public.

Check out the video below for a cool look at the Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle in motion.