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Morgan will unveil something at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, but what?

morgan to unveiled new model at 2015 geneva motor show
Morgan doesn’t come out with new models very often, and when it does they tend to look a lot like the ones that came before. So anything truly new from this unapologetically anachronistic British company is a rare occasion indeed.

Morgan says it really does have something new planned for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month, so that’s probably worth looking into.

The company isn’t providing any clues as to what that is, though. It just released a shadowy teaser image with what appears to be the front end of an Aero.

That’s the (slightly) more modern-looking counterpart to Morgan’s “Plus” series,  of sports cars, which hasn’t changed substantially in terms of styling since the 1930s.

So maybe the “new” Morgan will be another permutation of the Aero, on top of the current Aero Coupe and Aero Supersports.

Maybe Morgan will debut a new powertrain, possibly even an electric one. Morgan showed an electric Plus E prototype at Geneva two years ago, and electric power has been rumored for the Three-Wheeler.

Morgan may also unveil a special edition of an existing model. Like other carmakers, it’s heavily promoting a personalization program that makes small-batch specials or one-off cars for wealthy customers.

It’s too early to tell at this point, but check back for further updates as we get closer to the opening of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March.

That’s when we’ll find out if this mystery model is truly new, or just Morgan new.

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