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This biker spent 10 years building his dream bike from eBay-sourced parts

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Think you can find anything you want on eBay? Canadian Brian Janes figured that was the deal and started planning his dream bike in 2006. Ten years later Janes took the first ride on a bike built entirely from components purchased on eBay, according to the eBay Motors Blog.

Inspired by watching bike-building shows such as Biker Build-Off and American Chopper, Janes saw Big Dog Motorcycles‘ choppers listed on eBay Motors and decided to build his own bike from the ground up with parts found on eBay. Janes planned to build a V-Twin chopper, but not just for styling and posing — he wanted a ride he could use for long distance trips.

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Janes’ bike has a single seat. Because the style he wanted includes front forks that extend 12 inches more than usual, he had to plan other components accordingly, including pullback handlebars so he can reach them without straining.

Power is provided by an 88-cubic-inch V-twin more with a special camshaft to increase low-end torque. Power from a standing start matters more than top speed. The bike has a six-speed transmission and two-inch open chrome-plated exhaust pipes that places the growling sound on the bike’s right side.

True to plans, Janes didn’t just ride his eBay parts-sourced chopper to the corner pub. “This bike is not just for show. About a month after the build, two friends and I took a road trip that covered about 6,000 kilometers (3,730 miles) around Eastern Canada and the New England states,” Janes said.

Putting that much mileage on any motorcycles in such a short time can give you a hard pounding, but Janes anticipated that factor. “The bike is a soft-tail, meaning it has an active suspension, unlike the traditional hard-tail choppers,” he said. “It’s not as smooth as a conventional bike, but it’s comfortable enough to ride long distances.”

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