New BMW 8 Series concept takes the 90s classic for a modern spin

For those who don’t remember, the original BMW 8 Series was a monster of a car. It featured some of the latest and most cutting edge technology that BMW was producing at the time and still stands up as an impressive piece of automotive technology. The production run of the 8 Series lasted only ten years, from 1989 to 1999 when BMW ceased all production.

It’s interesting to note that the 8 Series happens to be one of the more rare BMWs on the road today, it carried a big price tag and an even bigger engine; offering both a V8 and V12 version and an electronically limited top-speed of 155 mph.

Of course that was then and this is now. Having spent more than a decade out of production, it appears that one designer has taken it upon himself to envision what a modern day BMW 8 Series would look like. Created by Turkish designer Ismet Çevik, this digital model is aptly named the BMW 850 CSi.

Apart from the design there isn’t much on this BMW concept in relation to proposed specifications but, and we think you’ll agree, just looking at this beauty is more than enough. Maybe a real life recreation of the fabled 8 Series is in the works, but until then those wanting to see a modern rendition will have to make do with these pictures.