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The new Ford GT is a 600-horsepower carbon fiber showstopper

Ford’s focus on sustainability and connectivity hasn’t kept them losing focus on the performance side of things, creating amazing sport iterations of its trucks, hatchbacks, and muscle car mainstay, the Mustang. When the gloves are off, however, what would happen if all this innovation was incorporated into a brand new vehicle? We found out today at the Detroit Auto Show as Ford revealed its latest standalone super car, the all new Ford GT.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks: the new performance coupe is powered by a 3.5-liter Ecoboost six-cylinder engine that Ford claims will put out more than 600 horsepower. It’s based on the same engine architecture found in the IMSA Daytona prototype endurance racer, so the powerplant has proven itself in racing conditions. Power from the Ecoboost engine will be routed through a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle transmission.

On the surface, the new Ford GT is more than just a love letter to the endurance racer of old, just as the 2005 model was. This one forgoes the nostalgia factor for aerodynamic efficiency. Each surface has been crafted to manage airflow, but there’s still active components to improve handling and braking, like an active rear spoiler. The curved windscreen offers the GT even more slipperiness as well as a jet-fighter-like view from the cockpit.

Inside, the steering wheel is Formula 1 inspired, placing all the necessary controls right upfront for a stalkless steering column with nothing getting in the way of the paddle shift controls. A fully digital info cluster gives drivers performance-specific feedback and is configurable for all sorts of different driving modes and environments.

The mid-engine coupe is built around a carbon fiber passenger cell, with aluminum front and rear sub-frames under the carbon fiber panels. Short version: the GT is as light as it is tough.

The new Ford GT is set to start production late next year, which should be just enough time for us to pick our jaws up off the floor.

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