New Lexus-produced film series aims to convince viewers of the brand’s sophistication – without a single car cameo

Lexus' 'Beyond Memories'

Sometimes automakers like to pour lots of money into some short films to make not only whatever model its displaying that much cooler but also to bolster the brand’s creative and artistic cred.

We needn’t look much further back than to Jaguar’s “Desire” film series from earlier this year for perfect example. The Jag series was fun but our favorite in recent years was the BMW “The Hire” films.

In the automaker-produced films, the brand usually takes a heroic roll in one form or another.

In the new Lexus film “Beyond Memories” there are no cars whatsoever, let alone a Lexus.

The film disjointedly follows a woman inside a cabin in the woods as she runs frantically down a muddy road to a nearby river. She dives in looking for a necklace as the director jumps us back and forth from the present to the woman’s memories of a love lost.

Produced with The Weinstein Company, “Beyond Memories,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, is supposed to build the Japanese luxury brand’s image sophisticated and design-centric, according to Motor Authority.

We’ll be honest: we were somewhat moved by the film. Did it makes us think more favorably of Lexus? No. Did we like it? Yes. Would we have rather watched a British action star and some hot chick in a Lexus LFA in a high-speed chase? As clichéd as that film sounds: again, yes.

More films are slated to be released from Lexus and Weinstein so, if you care, check back for more soon. Meanwhile, here’s the video: