New Porsche 911 Carrera pictures

The newest version of the Porsche 911 will debut publicly next month in Frankfurt and it’s already shaping up to be a significant improvement in both power and efficiency. It was the very same auto show back in 1963 where the Porsche 911 first made its debut, known then as the 901.

The very latest 911, known as the 991 model, features many changes over the previous version, the 997. A clear step forward in performance, the newest 911 comes equipped with 350 horsepower and achieves about 28 miles per gallon. The 911S model will pump out 400 horsepower and get roughly 27 miles per gallon.

The body and style of the newest 911 model unmistakably retains the traditional look of a Porsche 911 Carrera. The six-cylinder engine is still located in the back of the car and the key inserts to the left of the steering wheel.

Impressively the new Carrera is nearly 100 pounds lighter than the 997 and thanks to the new 3.4 liter engine and Porsche PDK semi-automatic gear box, the Carrera can do 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds, with the 3.8 liter Carrera S needing just 4.3 seconds.

While at first one may not think to combine fuel efficiency with sports car in the same sentence, Porsche has gone to great lengths to point out that their newest iteration of their flagship sports car is 16 percent more fuel efficient than previous versions and can go toe-to-toe with a mid-sized sedan. All of this can be credited to the more aerodynamic design and features such as the stop-start engine. The numbers simply don’t lie, at nearly 30 mpg the new 911 Carrera is a leap forward in automotive engineering.

The new 911 models should be available by the end of the year with the starting price for a standard Carrera set at $82,100 and a Carrera S base model set around $96,400.