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Some details slip of a new BMW M5 Competition with more power


It seems some details about a new, harder-edged version of the already ridiculously fast BMW M5 (F90) surfaced somewhere down under in Australia, via some leaked dealer ordering information. In the leaked info, coming from here and here on BMW enthusiast site, there’s indication of a new M5 Competition version on the horizon.

In past examples, “Competition” versions of BMW M cars often included a nice list of upgrades over the standard model. They weren’t outright huge upgrades translating into ridiculous performance gains. Rather, the Competition package tweaks things with a slight power boost. Upgrades typically include a more aggressive suspension setup, retuned steering, brakes, a minor power boost, and even some new body parts for better aerodynamics. The result was a few tenths of a second notched off some of the performance times, but from the driver seat, it resulted in a much sportier driving experience.


And so it seems like that’s what’s lining up for the latest BMW M5 Competition. According to the leaked information on BimmerPost, the M5 Competition gains an extra 25-plus horsepower for a total of around 625, while torque also climbs to roughly 590 pound-feet of twist, according to BMWBlog. The supposed result is a 0-62 mph time of just 3.3 seconds, with 124 mph only taking 10.8 seconds — about the same as a standard M5. Top speed, as long as the M Driver’s Package is equipped, should top out in the neighborhood of around 190 mph. Keep in mind that BMW M has a habit of underrating its horsepower, torque, and performance figures.

Again, this is more about how those tweaks feel from behind the wheel. The revised suspension gets lower and firmer in sport settings and a bespoke sport-tuned exhaust is louder. The visual and equipment upgrades list should consist of a unique steering wheel, blacked out front kidney and side vent grilles, black “Competition” badging, a high-gloss boot spoiler for the trunk, a BMW M carbon fiber engine cover, and illuminated “Competition” door sills.


Given the information leaked out of Australia, BimmerPost forum-goer “ljb” said that a price of around $229,000 AUS dollars is anticipated. That converts to around $173,000 USD at current conversion rates, which isn’t in line for what an M5 Competition usually goes for in the States. The last generation BMW M5 Competition sold for around $100,500, so it would be safe to presume that the new model’s price should be close to those figures.

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