Nissan and Bose buzzing over new LEAF-bound, energy-efficient BEES sound system

2012 Nissan Leaf DT picThe Nissan LEAF EV is a very quiet vehicle inside and out. Now, however, it’s getting a bit louder, thanks to a specially designed Bose sound system.

Nissan has long wanted to include a bumpin’ sound system as an optional extra on its LEAF EV. No system – until now – fit Nissan’s requirements because the systems either weighed too much or drew too much electricity. For Nissan to feel comfortable installing a premium sound system into its EV, it would have to be both lightweight and efficient.

To solve this, Nissan teamed up with Bose to design a sound system specifically for the LEAF. It’s called the “Bose Energy Efficient Series” or “BEES,” as we like to call it. Available on SV and SL LEAF models, the BEES is now included as an optional  premium package.

Eager to squeeze as much sound as possible from an energy-efficient system, Bose engineers designed lightweight speakers and amplifiers that would perform at a high level, without significantly dwindling the LEAF’s energy supply. The result is a system that is both compact and lightweight and also extremely efficient.

Nissan adds some Yin to the LEAF’s Yang with a new high-efficiency Bose sound system

Bose was able to fit its 4.5-inch Richbass subwoofer into its 6.2-liter custom Acoustic Waveguide bassbox. “The bassbox uses patented technology applied from Bose Wave home entertainment products to deliver rich, low-frequency performance from a very small enclosure,” Nissan bragged in the product press release.

At the heart of the efficient system is an amplifier that not only draws less power than a standard unit; it also operates at a cooler temperature, which allows for its compact, lightweight structure. In a side-by-side, Nissan-produced video comparison (see video below), this specialized amp was able to run 50 percent longer than a standard in-car amp on the same amount of power.

We haven’t yet heard the resulting tones from the BEES. With such a serene interior, we can only assume that the LEAF is now capable of creating quite the distinctive in-car audio experience. We can’t wait to pump out some really high-decibel tunes in an emissions-free EV.

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