Nissan’s Shanghai-bound Lannia mid-size sedan is aimed at young Chinese buyers

Nissan Lannia concept
Nissan’s Chinese arm has published a dark teaser image that previews a new mid-size sedan christened Lannia. The Lannia will be presented to the public for the first time at the biennial Shanghai Motor Show that will open its doors in exactly a week.

The Lannia stands out as the first production car designed entirely by Nissan’s Chinese division. Although the teaser image does a great job of hiding the sedan’s overall design, it suggests that the Lannia is essentially a toned-down version of the Lannia concept that was introduced last year at the Beijing Motor Show. Nissan promises the Lannia wears a muscular look that falls in line with its latest design language thanks to styling cues like a V-motion radiator grille, power domes on the hood, boomerang-shaped headlights and a floating roof.

All told, the Lannia is expected to look similar to the third-gen Murano and the new Maxima that was presented earlier this month at the New York Motor Show.

Technical details have not been announced yet, but buyers will likely be asked to choose between a four- and a six-cylinder engine. An automatic transmission will send power to the front wheels regardless of how many cylinders are found under the hood.

The Lannia is specifically aimed at young, urban Chinese buyers, a group that Nissan identifies as the “Post-80s” generation. The Japanese automaker hopes that targeting this car-hungry generation will help it reach its ambitious goal of selling two million cars a year in China by 2018 at the latest.

The Nissan Lannia will be fully unveiled online in the coming days. Built in China by the Nissan – Dongfeng joint-venture, the sedan will go on sale across its home country before the end of the year, and it could be sold in a handful of neighboring nations. However, Nissan has categorically ruled out adding the sedan to its lineup in the United States and in Europe.

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