Nissan ponders reviving Datsun brand

Nissan ponders reviving Datsun brand

If recent rumblings from Japan’s Nikkei new service prove true, Japanese automaker Nissan could be considering reviving its Datsun brand.

Datsun, which was sidelined back in 1986, could see a revival of sorts, but probably not how you imagined. According to recent reports, Nissan is thinking about reintroducing the brand in 2014, but only in emerging markets, such as China, India, Indonesia, and Russia. In addition to arriving in these particular global markets, Nissan also plans on establishing production in each country.

According to its business outline, Nissan is aiming to produce budget-conscious vehicles in the range of 500,000 yen, which roughly translates to around $6,200.

Of course, rumors of Nissan reviving the Datsun brand aren’t exactly new. However, with current Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn pushing to expand the brand into new markets, we’re not at all surprised Nissan would want to expand to these markets with entry-level cars branded under the Datsun name — while protecting the corporate identity of Nissan’s middle-to-upper-tiered sectors.


What could this two-pronged approach mean for Nissan, though? Well, other than the obvious benefit of expanding the company’s presence in emerging markets, like Brazil and India, with low-cost cars, Nissan would also be able to compete with rival automakers like Volkswagen and GM, both of which also use entry-level brands in emerging markets, such as SEAT and Bajoun, respectively.

So for you Fairlady Z fans looking to pony up some dough for a Datsun branded Z coupe, it’s probably not going to happen. And acccording to Nikkei, Nissan has yet to officially comment on the report.