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Show winter who’s boss with this Nissan Juke that rolls along on tank-like tracks

Nissan Juke Personalization

Nissan has unveiled the Juke Personalization Adventure concept ahead of its public debut at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, and it is a sight to behold for snow lovers. It rides on four tank-like tracks that let anyone lucky enough to slip behind the wheel forget every lesson they ever learned about driving on snow and ice.

The Juke Personalization Adventure concept started life as a regular-production Juke — a model no longer sold in the United States but still available in other global markets. Nissan made it much wider by tacking plastic flares onto the wheel arches, which keep the tracks safely tucked under the body. Though technical specifications remain under wraps, we know the Juke Personalization Adventure concept comes with all-wheel drive and torque vectoring. It looks capable of taming anything Mother Nature can throw at it, including snowbanks and foot-deep mud.

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You’ll never lose the Juke Personalization Adventure out in the wilderness. It’s decked out with a two-tone white-and-black paint job, along with green accents on the bumpers, the tracks, the mirrors, and the tow hooks. Metal covers protect the headlights from impacts, while a roof rack gives adventurers additional space to carry anything they might need for a trip off the grid.

Nissan hasn’t shown us photos of the interior yet. We’re betting it’s as epic as the rest of the concept, and we hope it’s fitted with a reliable GPS system. An inclinometer would be fun, too.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Nissan has installed snow tracks on a regular-production car. In early 2018, it put tracks on a 370Z to create the completely mad 370Zki (pronounced 370-ski). In 2017, it brought us the tank-like Rogue Trail Warrior. Both concept cars were built solely to turn heads on the auto show circuit, and neither have joined the Nissan catalog as regular-production model. We have no reason to believe a different fate awaits the Juke-based concept. We don’t expect it will ever see the inside of a showroom.

Tracks are readily available from a variety of aftermarket vendors, however, and there is no shortage of late-model Nissan Jukes sitting on used car lots across the nation. If you’re feeling brave and a little bit bored this winter, you know where to draw inspiration from.

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