Nissan teases its latest Le Mans racecar – and it’s electric

nissan le mans 2

Usually automotive teaser videos are pretty lame. They typically involve very little detail, a lot of unnecessary hype, and a bit of cheesiness. And the new Nissan Le Mans teaser video is no different, really. Despite the over usage of sound effects and color correction, we find ourselves enraptured by what it’s teasing.

On June 21 – the eve before the 24 of Le Mans – Nissan is set to unveil its latest Le Mans racecar, which, as you can see, will be an EV, according to Motor Authority.

Back in February, Nissan promised its return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans for 2014 with an environmentally friendly car entered under “Garage 56.”

As we can see in the video, Nissan highlights “ZEOD,” which is an acronym that it has used on its LEAF NISMO RC race car. What it means here? We’re not quite sure yet. We’re hoping Nissan – as promised – has developed some cutting-edge EV drivetrain technology.

Additionally, Nissan said it will offer information about its potential entry into the Le Mans premier LMP1 series for next year. If Nissan were to join LMP1, it would be competing against the likes of Porsche, Toyota, and Audi.

If you saw our post yesterday about Audi Le Mans-derived technologies making their way into production vehicles, it’s safe to assume that whatever EV tech Nissan has cooked up for Le Mans might make it into your driveway in a few short years. Are you thinking a Nissan EV sports car to rival the Tesla Roadster? We are.

Check back in a week when after Nissan has made its official announcement.

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