Nissan to debut five-door Invitation concept at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Japanese automaker Nissan is on the march — to March, when it will show off its very latest concept to automotive onlookers at the Geneva Motor Show, one of Europe’s premier auto events of the year. Nissan is prepping its five-door hatchback, dubbed the Invitation, and hopes to make a big splash in the booming compact auto market.

“The name we have given to this concept is self-explanatory. It is designed to be inviting thanks to its sensuous exterior design and generous and comfortable interior space, cleverly packaged within compact overall dimensions,” said François Bancon, Nissan Deputy Division General Manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning Division.

While details on how or what will power the Invitation are currently unavailable, there are rumblings from Nissan that the Invitation will be invited to join Nissan’s stable of production cars in the very near future. In addition, Nissan has stated that they are aiming for an ultra-low CO2 emission target of under 100g/km for the base model, and that all versions will be eligible to wear Nissan’s Pure Drive badge, making it one of its most fuel efficient cars on the road.

Whether the American auto market gets Nissan’s new Invitation is yet to be seen, but if it does, expect it to launch in Europe before it makes it way across the Atlantic.