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Nissan updates the GT-R for the 2013 model year

2013 Nissan GT-R

There appears to be some confusion on the web about the 2013 GT-R upgrades that were just announced and the long anticipated 2014 GT-R. Nissan has in fact updated the GT-R for 2013 for both the Japanese and world markets. However, according to the Japanese automaker, further changes will also be announced for the US-bound 2014 version

Regardless, we thought these updates exciting enough to report on. We figure any GT-R news is good news.

Still not willing to divulge exact details performance figures, Nissan has laid out the follow details about the roundly improved 2013 GT-R: The hand-built engine has been improved, giving the GT-R more mid and upper-range responsiveness. The chassis and body has been made more stable, improving steering. The interior is offered with three updated trim levels. And Nissan also now offers a few new special equipment options.

In the way of performance, the engine upgrades are fourfold. Firstly, Nissan has incorporated high-output fuel injectors that control fuel injection more precisely. Secondly, the turbocharger has been given specially developed orifice to the relief valve that allows the GT-R to sustain acceleration at higher RPMs. Next, engineers have re-worked the oil pan, including a baffle plate that improves oil pressure. Lastly, Motul Competition Oil is now offered as a factory engine option at  Nissan dealerships due to the large number of requests company received from buyers who race their GT-Rs on the track.

As for the body and chassis, Nissan designers went back to the drawing board and concluded that body roll could be improved upon and lowered the vehicle’s center of gravity by modifying the shock absorbers and front stabilizer bar. To improve alignment, designers added cam bolts to the front suspension. Additionally, the torque to the hub bearings from the driveshaft was increased, which improves reliability during track driving. The body, too, has been improved with two new reinforcement spots beneath the dash and instrument panels.

On the interior three-updated trim levels are now available (Pure Edition, Black Edition, and Premium Edition) with updated stitching, colors, and optional RECARO bucket seats. Last on the upgraded order sheet is a carbon-fiber rear spoiler and lightweight aluminum-alloy forged wheels. For 2013 Nissan now includes a rearview mirror as standard on the Black and Premium additions as well as “side knobs” on the left and right side of both front seats.

Sadly, Nissan hasn’t given any specifics as to how these upgrades improve performance but we’re willing to wager that the 545 horsepower of the 2012 has been improved a bit with the engine tweaks. As for updated Nürburgring track times, we’ll have to wait and see.

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