NY Auto Show Preview: New Camaro revealed on talk show ahead of New York debut

That’s right. Live! with Kelly and Michael got the first glimpse, albeit a short one, at the new Camaro. Thankfully the fellows at Camaro5 were able to grab some screen shots.

As you can see from the images that come some 24 hours before the official unveiling, the new Camaro’s looks are a bit softer and the new front end a bit smaller, looking as if it’d been squished. We do rather like the micro air intake on the hood, which will help diffuse heat.

Out back, the new taillights are one-piece and are rather uninspired. We understand the move, though. Chevy had to do something as it claims this is the most significant update in this, the fifth generation. In fact, this is the first refresh to the new Camaro since its reintroduction in 2009.

As for the limited look at the interior, we can see it hasn’t been updated much. The V8 SS model that Kelly and Michael got to see has SS headrest badges and a similar dash as the 2013. We’re hoping it’d mimic the 2014 interior of the new Corvette Stingray. We might have to wait for the sixth generation to see that big of an interior jump in the Camaro.

Look for some updated engines – we’re guessing much of the same but with direct injection making for more power and better fuel economy.

We’ll know more tomorrow so be sure to check back then.

In the meantime, what do you think of the new looks? Are they a hit or a miss? Tell us below.