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This deal's for real: Get 727 horsepower in a new Mustang GT for just $40K

ohio ford mustang roush 727hp gt 2016 with 900x595
Lebanon Ford with Roush Supercharger for $39,995 Lebanon Ford
There’s a Ford dealer in Ohio that wants to put you in a very hot seat for not very much money. You may have heard of the Roush Supercharger — Phase 2, 727-horsepower Mustangs for just under $40,000 and dismissed it as an urban myth. But it’s real, according to The Drive.

Now, consider: If you want a crazy-fast American muscle car, why not just go right for a dealer stock 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat? Well, here are three reasons: they start at $60,000; many dealers have been known to, ahem, apply extra-special premium stocking fees that can add up to a huge pile; and last, you generally can’t find them.

No such problems with the 727hp, Roush-equipped Mustang GTs at Lebanon Ford in Lebanon, Ohio. They have ’em, they’re building more, and they’re also building a nationwide reputation for performance cars, so they’re taking hardly any cut in the deal. Plus, they just want people to have a decent shot at driving an indecently powerful car.

Do the math. A 2016 Mustang GT starts at $32,395 and a Phase 2 Roush supercharger kit lists for $7,549.99. That totals $39,945 and the actual price at which Lebanon Ford sells the car for is $39,995, so other than regular retail markup, they’re only making $50 to install the supercharger.

Charlie Watson, the Ford dealer’s Roush parts manager, says they’ll build them for that price for anyone who wants one. Often customers beef up the suspension or brakes or add other performance or cosmetic components that push the final prices to $50,000 to $60,000. But if you just want a 727hp GT, without any extras, they’ll deliver, anywhere in the U.S. Oh, and, with the right credit, you can get one of Lebanon Ford’s Mustang GT Roush monsters with no down payment.

This is a car deal that sounds like it couldn’t be true, but it is. And it sounds like they’ll be selling them for a while because they reportedly have a stock of new GTs on hand and superchargers on back order from Roush.

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