Opel Enigma concept: a real head-scratcher

Perhaps it’s fitting that designer David Cardoso chose to name his Camaro-based Opel branded GT Coupe, the Enigma. Declining sales, stiff competition, and tough economic hardship for many across Europe means General Motors main European arm is undergoing somewhat of a tumultuous time. Therefore, the likelihood of any Opel-branded coupe model — let alone a concept — making it to production would prove puzzling at best. Still, we love coming across concept cars regardless of how unlikely a production run may be. Besides, if that were the case there wouldn’t be many concept cars to dream and salivate over in the first place.

Those concerns aside, Cardoso has taken it upon himself to imagine what an Opel-branded, Camaro-based coupe would look like, and what you see here is the culmination of his work.

According to Carscoop, where Cardoso initially sent his renderings, the Enigma was meant as somewhat of an experiment; pulling inspiration from various sources like the front-wheel drive Opel Calibra and the Buick Regal among others. But since the Enigma is heavily based off the Chevy Camaro, it would likely retain the American pony car’s rear-wheel drive layout and horsepower pumping V8, rather than a more Euro-friendly and fuel efficient mill.

As for the car’s design, we’re a bit torn really. On one hand we quite like the rear-end’s stylings, but unfortunately reminds us too much of a  Toyota’s homely Solara. The front-end looks interesting too, but not exactly in a good way. It bears more than a striking resemblance to Kia’s GT concept we looked at late last year, which we weren’t so keen on.

In truth, the Enigma is just as puzzling its name suggests. On one hand it boasts an intriguing design-language that features some nice touches here and there. On the other hand the Enigma concept seems to lack any real identity, or command the type of presence and  excitement most concepts provide upon close examination.

With Cardoso pulling inspiration from so many sources, what we end up with is a pretty uninspired design that ultimately fails to create the levels of excitement we are used to experiencing.

[Image credit via Carscoop and David Cardoso]