Overfinch turns the Range Rover Sport into a two-ton track monster

It may have started out as a maker of rugged vehicles for farmers and explorers, but Land Rover has fully joined the ranks of modern luxury carmakers.

That means customers with enough cash often want to personalize their Land Rovers, and Overfinch has made a healthy business doing that.

The premier Land Rover tuner has already remade the full-size Range Rover, and now it’s turned its attention to the Range Rover Sport.

The current Range Rover Sport is already pretty sporty, but Overfinch managed to extract an extra 42 horsepower from the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 model, bringing the total to 552 hp. A new exhaust system with quad tailpipes means everyone will be able to hear those extra horses.

For those five people who plan to take their Range Rovers to the track, there’s also a “Track mode,” controlled via Bluetooth from a button on the aircraft-aluminum key fob.

The exterior gets a nicely restrained makeover with plenty of carbon fiber pieces, including a front splitter, bigger air intakes, and a rear spoiler. Buyers also have their choice of new wheels, sized 21 to 23 inches in diameter.

The changes are subtle but meaningful, giving the Overfinch Range Rover Sport an aggressive look without messing up the handsome factory styling.

For the interior, Overfinch offers multiple seat design and stitching options in Bridge of Weir leather, while available wood veneer or carbon fiber trim further dresses up the cabin.

All of that class doesn’t come cheap, though. The Overfinch Range Rover Sport starts at 87,995 pounds, around $150,000 at current exchange rates. Just 100 units will be sold in the U.K. per year.

U.S. sales plans haven’t been discussed, but if all else fails buyers on this side of the Atlantic can wait for Land Rover’s own hot rod Range Rover Sport, the SVR.