Your next phone could charge in milliseconds with Drexel’s battery breakthrough

Mxene, a nanomaterial engineered by researchers at Drexel University, could pave the way for batteries that recharge in tens of milliseconds. It's early days, but Mxene might be commercially viable in the next three years.

IBM wants to change IoT and car security by testing throughout the product's life

IBM is expanding the focus of its X-Force Red penetration testing service to leverage the Watson platform for testing IoT devices before and after their deployment, as well as offering new testing services for connected cars.

VW Executive Oliver Schmidt pleads guilty in the dieselgate scandal

Volkswagen agreed to plead guilty and pay $4.3 billion in penalties related to its diesel-emissions cheating. The U.S. Justice Department also indicted six executives who were allegedly involved in the scandal.

The retro-chic Mini Cooper will get a modern electric powertrain in 2019

Mini will launch its first all-electric model in 2019, based on the basic Mini Cooper Hardtop three-door hatchback. Parent company BMW wants to significantly grow its electric-car sales.

See how IndyCar made its race cars sleeker and safer for 2018

The 2018 IndyCar race car features a more streamlined design and added safety features, but rides on the same chassis as the previous version, and uses the same Chevy and Honda engines.

Mercedes-Benz will take on rivals BMW and Audi in Formula E

Mercedes-Benz will join Formula E in 2019, completing the trifecta of German luxury automakers competing in the electric racing series. Audi and BMW recently announced plans for factory teams as well.

Jaguar’s XJR575 will make your commute feel like a James Bond mission

Jaguar is injecting more performance and more tech into the XJR, its biggest and most luxurious sports sedan. The model gets a 25-horsepower bump, a model-specific body kit, and a few additional tech features.
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Driving Infiniti's Q50 feels like playing an arcade game, and not in a good way

The 2018 Infiniti Q50 boasts an available 400-horsepower engine and trick steering system. But does that add up to an exciting driver’s car?

What to look for when you shop for the best motorcycle sunglasses

Riding a motorcycle with bad sunglasses is like riding with a cracked helmet. Choose the best motorcycle sunglasses for the way you ride. You don't have to overspend, but pay attention to the factors that make the best motorcycle…

You may never have to deal with parking again thanks to autonomous garages

If there is one aspect of being a car owner that elicits the least amount of joy, it's parking. Luckily, Daimler and Bosch want to help with that problem by bringing autonomous technology to the practice of parking. 

Ford will stop producing the Fiesta in the U.S. before the 2018 model year

Ford introduced a revised version of the Euro-spec Fiesta. The city car moves upmarket with new tech features, nicer materials inside, and a range-topping trim level named Vignale.

'Thor' star Chris Hemsworth takes a spin in a Formula E electric race car

Chris Hemsworth may have played a Formula One driver, but his recent outing in a Formula E electric race car at the New York City ePrix proved he still has a lot to learn about driving.