Android Army

Integration with Volvo, Audi cars is natural evolution of Android Auto

Google's in-car offerings are apparently not limited to Android Auto -- Volvo, Audi, and Google have announced they're building a new in-car infotainment system that's based on Android.

Japanese tuner finds a creative new use for a jet engine and a Nissan Silvia

A Japanese tuner has built a Nissan Silvia equipped with four of the biggest turbos you've ever seen. He's fitted a jet engine to the rear end to generate downforce, but the build still needs some fine-tuning.
Smart Home

Mercedes Benz batteries may soon be integrated with your solar panels

The Mercedes-Benz name has long meant luxury in the automotive industry, but now it wants to bring that same cachet to your home and its energy needs. The German automaker has announced a strategic partnership with Vivint Solar

Unreasonable need for speed? Take a spin on the world’s fastest motorcycles

Going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an Audi R8 is a thrill, but nothing beats hitching a ride on one of the world's fastest motorcycles. After all, you simply can't beat straddling an engine.

Willing to pay up for performance? Most hardcore Camaro ever will cost $70K

The 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE is the most hardcore Camaro variant currently available. It combines the 1LE track package with the 650-horsepower ZL1, which was a track-ready machine to begin with.

Audi shows integrated Android infotainment system at Google I/O

Audi showed a concept Android-based infotainment system at Google I/O. The automaker hopes Android integration will funnel more apps into its infotainment systems and attract more customers.

Hands off — Rive wants to make it impossible for you to text and drive

A new Kickstarter project called RiVE is a combination of hardware and software that promises to "eliminate the ability to text and drive while keeping you connected to what matters."

For the first time ever, BMW’s M5 will get all-wheel drive

The BMW M5 will get all-wheel drive for the first time, as part of an upcoming redesign. But this won't be like most all-wheel drive systems: drivers will have the option to switch to rear-wheel drive if they want.

It's a brodozer in the dirt, but Chevy's ZR2 doesn't forget its on-road manners

Amid the current crowd of giant off-road specialty trucks like the Ford Raptor and Ram Power Wagon, the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is unique. As a mid-size truck, the ZR2 offers advantages the others can’t touch, and delivers excellent…
Emerging Tech

Charge as you drive on Electroad, coming soon to 11 miles of asphalt in Israel

Israel is beginning work on a pilot scheme to install new technology allowing electric buses to charge while driving -- by way of smart wireless charging tech embedded in the road.

Tuner Novitec adds visual, mechanical muscle to Maserati’s Levante SUV

The Novitec Maserati Levante boasts a wide body kit and more power than any stock version of Maserati's first SUV. It's a package that puts the "sport" in this "sport utility vehicle."

Like ketchup on sauerkraut, this BMW 2 Series gets an American V8 engine

This heavily-modified BMW 2 Series is a Latvian drift machine. Painstakingly built by a tuner named HGK, it traded in its Bimmer engine and received an 820-horsepower General Motors V8.