Smell the burnt rubber in octane-fueled video of race cars in action

For some, high-end cars are works of art that needs to be preserved in a garage. For Italian hill climb racers, they're thoroughbred machines that need to stretch their legs on a regular basis.

Compact but cushy, Nissan's Rogue Sport is all the SUV you need

It’s no longer enough to have just one compact SUV in your lineup. Now you have to have larger and smaller compact SUVs if you want to compete for American buyers. Nissan has a strong contender in the new Rogue Sport. Their successful…

Logitech G and McLaren are offering the fastest gamer in the world a dream job

This summer, the World's Fastest Gamer competition will whittle players down to one individual who will score a one-year contact with McLaren. The job: serve as an official Formula 1 simulation driver to improve the machinery.

Citymapper wants to help you get around town on a new bus of its own

Why just help people find their way around town when you can get them around town, too? That appears to be the question Citymapper is answering now that the app is launching a bus of its own.

Volvo’s R&D chief sees EVs ahead, but says gas engines aren’t dead

Volvo's downsizing policy is going as planned, it's rolling out plug-in hybrid models, and it's preparing to launch a fully electric car. We caught up with R&D vice president Henrik Green to learn more about the tech his team is working on.

Scooter rallies attract two-wheeler fans who don't take themselves too seriously

Scooters, tents, parades, bands, and people passionate about all four gathered on England's east coast for the 2017 Skegness Scooter Rally. Scooter rallies are a big deal in the U.K. and growing in popularity in the U.S., too.

Watch this souped-up Subaru Impreza tear up a homemade obstacle course

You don't need a big budget to perform Ken Block-style stunts. This stunt driver gives a Block a run for his money with a Subaru Impreza, and an obstacle course full of construction equipment.

Tesla wants to collect videos of your driving habits to make self-driving technology a reality

Tesla wants you to help render yourself obsolete -- at least, insofar as driving is concerned. Over the weekend, Tesla updated its Autopilot feature along with its data sharing policy to allow for video collections.

An abandoned Toyota Supra haunts the mountains of Japan

A third generation Toyota Supra was found abandoned in the mountains of Japan. A drifting enthusiast managed to find it and upload a video of what's left of the vehicle. It likely ended up in the valley during a race or drift session.
Emerging Tech

Taking public transportation in San Francisco is going to get even greener

The California city's BART system has adopted "aggressive guidelines" enabling the transportation system to buy more power directly from renewable sources. Thanks to the newly approved policy, the BART is going greener than ever.

Does the 2018 Mustang remind you of Darth Vader? Ford says it should

The upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang certainly looks meaner, but one Ford designer revealed that the team took some design cues from Star Wars' Darth Vader. Elements of the Sith lord's helmet were worked into the vehicle's front end.

Have fun with a naked Monster 797, Ducati’s new entry-level sport bike

After a year without an entry-level version of its Monster naked sports bike, Ducati is back with the 2017 Monster 797. The 797 is lighter, easier to ride, and less intimidating to ride than the larger Monster bikes. But it's a start.