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Look out, Alexa and Google Assistant — Watson Assistant is coming for you

Watson, the supercomputer that has won Jeopardy!, helped Marchesa design a dress, and analyzed tennis matches at the U.S. Open, is now coming to your home, and a whole lot of other places, too.

Tempe police chief: Uber likely not to blame in deadly autonomous car accident

Uber has put the brakes on its experimental autonomous vehicles in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto following a deadly crash between an Uber vehicle and a woman in Tempe, Arizona, according to TV station ABC15.

Cadillac’s glitzy Escala concept may be headed for production in 2021

The Cadillac Escala concept will enter production in 2021, according to a new report, giving Cadillac a true luxury flagship to rival sedans like the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

FordPass SmartLink adds Wi-Fi and more to older Ford models

FordPass SmartLink adds more connectivity to existing Ford and Lincoln vehicles with a device that plugs into a car's dashboard OBD II port and includes its own built-in 4G LTE connection.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid offers more space for less cash

The 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid sedan is about $4,500 less than last year's model, but it has also been thoroughly reworked. But -- crucially for a hybrid -- fuel economy does not improve.

Honda seeks to reclaim record for world’s fastest lawn mower — seriously

You might recall Honda's Mean Mower. In 2014, it hurtled along a racetrack at 116 mph to become the fastest grass-trimming machine in the world. A Norwegian team snatched the title away, but now Honda wants it back.

Volkswagen aims for the Goldilocks zone with shrunken five-seat Atlas

Volkswagen is taking full advantage of the booming SUV market with a second version of its recently-introduced Atlas. This new variant will have five seats, instead of the current model's seven.

Volkswagen will take its electric car technology racing this summer

Volkswagen will return to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2018 with an electric car, and the goal of setting a new record. The German automaker hasn't raced at Pikes Peak since 1987.

At Sebring, Nissan proves that winning a race takes more than speed

The 12 Hours of Sebring is one of America's most iconic races, and this year Nissan proved that winning it can be as much about durability and fuel-efficiency as speed. All three took the Japanese automaker to the checkered flag.
Car Review

Fast, fun, and brilliant, Tesla's Model 3 is the future of cars (if we're lucky)

The most exciting vehicle on the market isn’t a million-dollar supercar, a broad-shouldered truck, or a seven-passenger SUV. No, the car the world can’t wait to drive is an all-electric sedan from a startup automaker called Tesla…

Selfless move? Uber may be selling its self-driving technology to Toyota

Uber has been working on its self-driving car technology for quite some time now, but it won't just benefit itself. Uber is in the process of negotiating a deal with Toyota in order to install a self-driving system in minivans.

Google’s Android Auto update now lets you swipe to unlock your phone

Google has just added an update to Android Auto which allows users to swipe in order to unlock their smartphones while Android Auto is active. Previously, anytime your mobile device was connected to the service, your phone was a brick