Pontiac preservers release 614hp re-skinned GTO, styling be damned

Pontiac GTO

What you see below is the teaser video for the 2014 GTO from Trans Am Depot. Obviously based on the current Camaro, the aftermarket GTO is said to make 614 horsepower, which will be sent to the rear wheels. What engine will make that kind of power? Probably the 6.2-liter V8.

The video shows the GTO racing against a last-gen Ford Mustang GT500. We guess Trans Am Depot couldn’t find a more suitable, current competitor to spank.

We poked around the Trans Am Depot site a bit and found that aside from the monstrously ugly GTO, the Pontiac-obsessed minds at TAD also make – not surprisingly – a pretty bitchin’ Trans Am concept with over 1,100 horsepower. If it were our money, we’d rather the Trans Am than the GTO.

If hideous horsepower is your kind of thing, we urge you to check back soon to find out more about this new GTO. Nothing accentuates a nice mullet and a beer belly like a GTO, but do enjoy the video below.