Porsche may bring back ‘Club Sport’ name with a more hardcore Boxster

Porsche Boxster

A new, sport-oriented variant of the Porsche Boxster is on its way, and speculation seems to hint that it will be a follow up to the 2011 Boxster Spyder.

The Spyder was lightened version of Porsche’s two-seat convertible, removing non-critical components like the radio and parts of the mechanical drop-top. It even had lighter aluminum doors, a stiffer suspension, and was an inch lower to the ground.

Porsche's lightweight Boxster Spyder
Porsche’s lightweight Boxster Spyder

A post by AutoCar states that Porsche lead Wolfgang Hatz confirmed that a more hardcore Boxster was on deck, but it wouldn’t go so far as to become a Boxster GT4. The new Porsche will be developed in-house and not by it’s motorsport division, most likely because no power upgrades will be offered, it will just be given a strict weight loss regiment and having its chassis tuned for more dynamic driving.

This is different from the work being done on the Boxster’s coupe cousin the Cayman. Work on the hard top has been handed off to the Porsche Motorsport department, being given several body work revisions for improved air intake and aerodynamics, while also possibly seeing the 3.8-liter six-cylinder replacing its current engine.


The development of this lighter model is due to happen before the Boxster loses its flat-six cylinder engines for turbo flat-fours, so the Spyder successor will have the current Boxster’s 3.4-liter six-cylinder that produces 325 horsepower. The “Spyder” moniker might not return, but its more than likely this will bring back the Club Sport name into play.