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Porsche Decks out Cayenne with Burmester Sound System

What could possibly be more important than the number of cubic inches under the hood for a Porsche aficionado? For audiophiles, the sheer square footage of the speaker drivers plastering the interior.

Porsche’s new Cayenne with a Burmester surround system boasts 372 square inches, the same record-breaking amount Porsche packed into the Panamera last fall. Together the drivers handle over 1,000 watts across 16 channels, including 300 watts to a subwoofer. Burmester borrowed technology in the crossovers and ribbon tweeters from its home audio division, and software in the control computer allows drivers to fine-tune the sound to each seating position.

The Burmester sound system will appear as an option on the 2011 Porsche Cayenne, slated to arrive this coming July.

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"We have said the next 911 could add a hybrid version. That will be the highest performance 911 of all," Blume said. The 911 will not be a plug-in hybrid, like many of Porsche's current road cars, Blume said. That will minimize the size of the battery pack, helping to keep weight down, according to Blume. Extra weight isn't as big of a deal in an already-heavy vehicle like the Cayenne than it would be in a sports car. Packaging a larger battery pack and charging system could also prove difficult in the 911's smaller footprint.

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