Porsche trademarks ‘GT5’ in preparation for new high-end performance model

It appears Porsche has nabbed a new nameplate trademark. The ‘GT5’ badge will appear on an upcoming model, but exactly which model that will be is unclear.

Porsche applied for the GT5 badge back in August of 2014, at the same time it scooped up the GT4 name for the more aggressive Cayman, so development of the new model has likely already begun.

Historically, GT names like the GT3 are reserved for models developed by the German automaker’s Weissach GT division, which uses motorsports expertise to craft highly capable vehicles for track duty. Andreas Preuninger, head of the GT division, had suggested that there was room in the company’s line-up for more focused models, and here we are. More specifically, when asked whether the rising sales of Porsche’s SUVs would be followed by more motorsports-developed cars in order to continue the brand’s performance focus, he said: “Absolutely my suggestion.”

In cases like the GT3, its name signified its intended use in the GT3 FIA racing class, but considering GT5 isn’t an FIA Group, the new model could be designed as simply the highest performance spec for that particular vehicle.

Candidates for the badge, and therefore for more hardcore versions of themselves include the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne. Given the Cayman has the GT4, the Boxster has the Spider (and will soon have its own GT4 variant), and of course the 911 has the GT3, a top-tier sedan or crossover makes sense.

The GT5 may also not be as much of a limited production model as other GT cars, considering there’s greater interest in the highest performance versions of recent Porsches.

“In this increasingly competitive world it makes sense to cover any bases,” said Porsche’s spokesperson. Considering Porsche has already produced a sports car wearing the GT4 name, expect the GT5 to surface in the near future.