Will Porsche reveal a Tesla-fighting, sub-Panamera electric sedan in Frankfurt?

Porsche logo
Ronan Glon

A report coming out of France finds Porsche’s on-again, off-again sub-Panamera sedan will be presented to the public this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Billed as a thinly-veiled concept, the yet-unnamed model will be powered by an advanced all-electric drivetrain.

The concept is expected to stretch to approximately 189 inches in length, meaning it will be nearly ten inches shy of the short-wheelbase Panamera, but will be roughly the same size as a Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The sedan will be built on the same modular MSB platform as the next-gen Panamera, and the Audi Q6 that will also be shown for the first time in Frankfurt.

Porsche will introduce the sedan as a concept in order to see what kind of response it generates among show-goers, brand enthusiasts, and more importantly, prospective owners. If the collective reaction is positive, the sedan will almost certainly be added to the Porsche lineup as a regular-production model in either 2018 or 2019.

French magazine L’Automobile believes the electric drivetrain will make the transition from concept to production, allowing Porsche to fight head-to-head against the Tesla Model S. Technical details are still few and far between, but engineers in Stuttgart are reportedly aiming for a class-leading 310-mile driving range.

Buyers who aren’t ready for a full EV will be able to order Porsche’s baby Panamera with a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain, or will be able to choose from a wide palette of non-hybrid gasoline- and diesel-burning mills. Regardless of what’s under the hood, the sedan will offer the kind of performance that buyers expect from a car with the iconic Porsche crest on the hood.

If the rumor turns out to be true, Porsche will introduce its next concept online in the weeks leading up to the Frankfurt show. We’ll be on location to bring you live images straight from the show floor in Frankfurt.