Porsche’s 5 Series-fighting ‘Pajun’ delayed until 2019

2014 Porsche Panamera

While its styling is, to say the least, controversial, the Porsche Panamera has been a sales success for the carmaker from Zuffenhausen.

So it’s not too surprising that Porsche is planning a smaller four-door model, although it may not arrive for some time.

There have been reports of this “Panamera Junior” or “Pajun” model for some time, and the latest suggests it won’t start production until at least 2019.

According to CAR magazine, Porsche parent Volkswagen is conserving resources and paring down new model lines was part of a revised four-year business plan. As a result, there isn’t room for any totally-new Porsches.

It’s unclear how this shift will affect the rumored 718 sub-Boxster sports car, but the Pajun appears to be on hold until the current strategy runs its course.

If it ever gets to showrooms, the Pajun will be a midsize luxury car aimed at the Audi A6, BMW 5 series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and Maserati Ghibli. Like the larger Panamera, it will feature a five-door hatchback body style.

In fact, given Porsche’s general lack of originality when it comes to styling, Pajun will probably look like a shrunken Panamera.

Engines will likely be shared with other Porsche models, and as with the newly-released Macan crossover, they could run the gamut from economical to outrageous. At least one model could do battle with the BMW M5 and other luxury hot rods.

For now, though, buyers looking for a four-door Porsche will have to settle for something bigger or higher off the ground. Or maybe ditch the whole idea of a practical Porsche and just get a 911.