PR stunt sees taxi’s swapped out with Ferrari and Porsche


Sexy women, fast cars, and…chewing gum? While the first two have gone hand in hand for what seems like eternity, we can’t help but raise a brow to the third, but that is exactly what happened recently in Guadalajara, Mexico as chewing gum company Trident gave a few unsuspecting taxi passengers the dream ride of their lives.

In a promotion for Trident’s new Twist gum, the company replaced a Mexican taxi cab company’s Nissan Sentras for two exotic alternatives, a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Porsche Panamera. Both wickedly fast cars were given the full taxi cab regalia and repainted with the familiar yellow with black and gold checkers.

The video is definitely worth a peek, as you’ll see these speedy supercars whipping around the streets of Guadalajara with their shocked passengers clutching the edge of their seats, smiling with delight and quite possibly a touch of terror as well.