Sixty Ferrari F40s gather at Silverstone race track to celebrate 25th anniversary

Ferrari F40 SilverstoneThere can’t be many days when you don’t standout from the crowd in a Ferrari F40, but this past weekend at the Silverstone race track in the UK, your car would have looked positively common, thanks to 60 of them turning up to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The F40 gathering was part of the Silverstone Classic event, the world’s largest classic motor racing festival, where more than 1000 cars entered into 24 races, ranging from classic 1930s racers to Group C endurance cars from the early 80s.

Bringing a record-breaking 60, or 62 depending on the source, F40s together for the event was worth it too, as all the Ferrari Red cars took to the track for a parade lap, leading out another 400 cars including those from TVR and Lotus.

While sixty cars getting together doesn’t really sound that many, it is when only 1315 were ever made. The F40 is a very special car too, as it was one of the final cars Ferrari released prior to Enzo Ferrari’s death in 1987, and became the first road legal car to crack 200mph.

It reaches this speed thanks to a 3.0 liter V8 equipped with twin turbos, producing 471 horsepower, all in a car weighing just 1,100 kilograms, or 2,425 pounds.

If you’re disappointed the F40 owners didn’t go wheel-to-wheel racing whilst doing their lap, then consider how much this collection is worth. In 1987, an F40 cost £193,000, or $320,000; so a group of 60 represents a total original cost of $19,200,000. That’s at a minimum too, as many owners paid a premium in order to secure one.

At today’s prices? Auctioned cars tend to go for about $500,000, and a recent eBay listing for a 1990 F40 had a Buy It Now of $595,000, making the parade worth, conservatively, $30,000,000. No wonder they took it steady, as you can see in the video below.

Well done to Silverstone for bringing so many of these fabulous cars together, as it’s a rare treat to see one on the road, let alone 60.