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Rezvani introduces X Performance aerodynamic package

Rezvani continues to find new ways to make its Beast sports car even more extreme. The small company recently introduced a Beast X variant that produces an improbable 700 horsepower from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and now it’s adding a performance package drawing “inspiration” from that model.

The Rezvani X Performance package consists mostly of aerodynamic addenda that create more downforce. It includes a carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts, split rear wing, and steering wheel, plus revised air ducts. Rezvani did not give any specifics on increased performance, but added downforce helps a car grip the road better, improving handling.

The split rear wing looks like it was taken right off the Beast X, and that may be the case with other parts as well. Rezvani says current owners can add the package to their car as a complete kit, or just choose individual elements, so it seems like an attempt to offer the X’s styling cues on lower-powered cars. The X Performance package will also be available on new cars going forward, Rezvani says.

In addition to the Beast X, Rezvani also offers a tamer Beast 500 version with “just” 500 horsepower. All variants use the same Honda 2.0-liter engine, and the chassis of an Ariel Atom. The Beast is essentially an Atom with more bodywork, and weighs about 200 pounds more than that skeletal sports car. Tipping the scales at just 1,850 pounds, though, it’s by no means overweight.

Rezvani previously said the Beast X will do 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, a time that rivals the quickest supercars. It only plans to build five of these machines, priced at $325,000 each. So while it will rival elite supercars in acceleration, the Beast X will beat them in rarity.

Those who miss out on the five-car run will at least be able to order the X Performance package, which debuts this week at the Amelia Island Festival of Speed in Amelia Island, Florida. Rezvani has a whole X division set up to continue upping the performance of its cars, so expect to see more Beast variants in the future.

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