Rolls-Royce goes all Art Deco in Hong Kong

China is now the largest luxury vehicle market in the world. With demand for specially commissioned cars rocketing upward from the newly capitalistic Chinese elites, the world’s bespoke automakers are furiously working to meet the demand.

Cleverly, Rolls-Royce has come up with a simple solution. The high-end British luxury brand has made a limited-run Art Deco-themed Ghost model with an extended wheelbase and distinctive paint job.

For those of you not familiar with the genre, “Art Deco was a style that employed futuristic crystallized motifs referencing Greek classicism and Egyptian relics mixed with the dynamic of the age of the machine and streamlined automotive liberation.” 

While Rolls-Royce talks about a black and white interior with Art Deco hints, it hasn’t provided any pictures. So we suppose we’ll have to take its word for it. Rolls describes powder blue piping on the seat upholstery with piano black wood inlays throughout. This sounds lovely. We just wish we could see it.

Rolls is only planning to build 35 of the Art Deco Ghosts. And this is where the true cleverness of the plan comes into play.

Rolls doesn’t appear to have done much to the long wheelbase Ghost except to change some of the interior wood and leather and slathered a light blue coat of paint onto the body. But in doing so, it’s created a very distinct and desirable car for a market that’s virtually chomping at the bit for exclusive vehicles – all with little additional cost to Rolls Royce.

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