Can a Rolls-Royce be any more stylish? It can be when it’s ‘Inspired by Fashion’

Rolls Royce Wraith - Inspired by Fashion

Stepping out of a Rolls-Royce in nothing but the finest attire is the dream that inspires many to chase success. So, it’s only fitting that high fashion has inspired high luxury.

Debuting this Friday, Rolls-Royce will reveal its “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion,” a bespoke example of the luxury brand’s luxury coupe. The reveal will take place at New York’s PRATT institute, known worldwide for producing influential art and design professionals. This stellar vehicle will take center stage during the school’s “Women of Influence in the Business of Style” event.

Modern luxury and haute couture go hand in hand with this latest edition of the Wraith. While we only have to wait just a couple days for it to be unveiled, we already know to expect materials and colors to be pulled from the swatches of the fashion world’s most stylish designers.

Rolls Royce Wraith - Inspired by Fashion

‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ provides an exquisite canvas to create a cool, daring and seductive motoring style, and I look forward to sharing our work with the world at the event in New York,” said Michelle Lusby, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bespoke Designer.

This latest Wraith follows the “Wraith – Inspired by Film,” which got a similar treatment, where the glamor of classic Hollywood was the source of inspiration for Rolls’ “And the World Stood Still” promotional video. The video, in turn, inspired the special edition Wraith, like a very expensive, diamond encrusted ouroboros.

Wraith – Inspired by Fashion was the subject of a landmark photo shoot in the automaker’s South of England production line. We won’t get to see the results until Friday, but Rolls-Royce has provided a couple teaser images that give us a peek at how much style the special edition Wraith will be packed with. We’re looking forward to seeing the whole thing do a turn for us in just a couple days.