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This rock-themed Rolls has an 18-channel audio system that took 2 years to design

Rolls-Royce has used everything from an esoteric racing victory to cities and films as inspiration for special editions of its already-special cars, but this time around it’s trying to be a little edgier, with a rock n’ roll-themed car.

The Rolls Royce Wraith Inspired by Music is a tribute to Rolls’ association with rock. And how do you imbue a car with the spirit of a music genre that’s all about cutting loose and sticking it to the man? Why, with obsessively-detailed trim and an ultra-expensive sound system, of course!

This particular Wraith is built around the Bespoke Audio system that’s been available since the coupe launched in 2013. The 1,300-watt, 18-channel system features two bass speakers, seven tweeters, and seven midrange speakers. Two “exciter” speakers hand-fitted to the headliner help replicate the way music is heard in a live setting, Rolls says. Microphones monitor ambient and exterior noises, allowing the system to adjust volume and tone to ensure nothing spoils the experience.

The audio system took two years to develop, and was considered such an important part of the Wraith that interior designers had to consult with the car’s chief audio engineer before making any changes, lest they ruin the acoustics.

To truly show off this superlative sound system, the Wraith Inspired by Music gets unique trim that matches the system in fastidiousness.

On the outside, the car is distinguished by Lyrical Copper paint, meant to reference the use of copper in audio systems. The speaker grilles are finished in copper, as is the dashboard. There are also copper-colored door inserts, some extra leather, and a few model call-out badges.

Yet while the sound system gets a power upgrade, the Wraith Inspired by Music appears to remain mechanically unchanged. That means it uses a 6.6-liter, twin-turbocharged V12 with 624 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Rolls-Royce may not get as many song mentions as, say, Chevy, but legends like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and Keith Moon have all owned its cars. Moon is said to have driven his Rolls into a swimming pool, although the company dismisses that as myth. Apparently, it can’t stomach the idea of anyone doing something so destructive to one of its cars.

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