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Ryan Reynolds uses his custom Triumph bike to 'escape' the crush of fame

ryan reynolds discusses custom built triumph motorcycle and bike
Ryan Reynolds is about as likable a star as they come, and motorcycle fans might become his biggest supporters after watching this video, “Invite The Unexpected,” by Bryan Rowland.

Deadpool’s snarky, perverse hero takes off his red suit to talk about his passion for riding and specifically about his custom Triumph Thruxton bike. Built by Kott Motorcycles in LA, the modified moto has become even more beautiful than the already stunning British two-wheeler and far more usable.

In the video, Reynolds describes how he found Kott, a builder who the actor says, “has that special something,” why he was attracted to his bike, and how riding serves as an escape for the A-list celebrity. In Reynolds’s own words: “You can’t do anything on a bike, except ride … and breathe.” What a thought — no distractions, just riding pleasure.

Invite The Unexpected

I’m willing to forgive the actor’s apparent disinterest in cars (“when I’m in a car, I can’t wait to get there, and when I’m on a bike, I can’t wait to not get there”) due to his genuine appreciation for custom-built machinery and the thrill of open-air riding. Perhaps a performance automaker or custom shop like Singer Porsche will attempt to convince Reynolds of the merits of certain automobiles.

In the video, Reynolds also describes his first bike, acquired at age 15, a “pile of crap” Honda CB750 that got him hooked on riding. After his brother got the bike running, Reynolds would “sneak out” from time to time and explore. Later, when he found success in Hollywood, the bike “saved his life,” from the crush of fame.

By video’s end, the British racing green Thruxton has turned into a (strange to say) beautiful brown custom ride, with tailor-made design tweaks all over. Yes, you could say I’m supremely jealous, but also happy for Reynolds to experience many more mind-relieving rides on the bike.

Reynolds has been quite busy outside of his box office record-breaking roles lately, having also appeared in Hyundai’s latest Superbowl commercial. It’s a wonder how the actor finds the time to film side projects like the above.

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