Saab PhoeniX concept belongs in an F-Zero game

Out of all the cars on the New York International Auto Show floor, the Saab Phoenix was the one I wish I could drive or sit in the most. This car means a lot to Saab. Representatives say it is a sign of designs to come from Saab and is called “PhoeniX” because it represents a rebirth for the Saab design philosophy. In the video below, Jason Castriota, the car’s design director, explains what the concept means to him and the brand.

“The PhoeniX establishes a new reference point for the future of Saab product design,” said Castriota, Saab Automobile’s Executive Design Director. “It symbolizes a renaissance of the innovative spirit and passion that drove Saab to build its first car. We’re now taking the visual DNA forward with what we call ‘aeromotional’ design, adding emotion, power and fluidity. This design aesthetic will shape and differentiate future models in the Saab portfolio.”

More than anything, if we could ditch the wheels it would be right at home in a Wipeout or F-Zero game. Castriota doesn’t mention hovering abilities, but a car that has side rearview mirrors made from cameras must come with an antigravity system. The rear of the car screams of plasma-based propulsion of some kind.

If you have not noticed, I am not a traditional automotive reporter. If you’d like to learn some actual facts about the PhoeniX, please check out Saab’s Newsroom.