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Scion says the FR-S won’t get a turbo, won’t go topless … at least you’ll save on sunscreen

Finally putting an end to a long-standing rumor, a top Scion executive has confirmed that the company will not introduce a convertible version of the FR-S coupe.

“So on the convertible we went down swinging. I think we were pretty aggressive on our (submitted plan), but we looked at what we would have conceivably lost on the product and said, ‘We’re not going to even push it further,’” explained Doug Murtha, Scion’s senior vice president, in an interview with WardsAuto.

The mulled topless FR-S was previewed by a close-to-production concept called FT-86 Open (pictured) that was presented at the 2013 edition of the Geneva Motor Show. The concept was remarkably well received by enthusiasts from all around the world, prompting Toyota to briefly consider building it in order to fight head-to-head against the Mazda MX-5. Ultimately, the project was canceled by the automaker’s bean counters because they can’t justify making such a sizable investment to design and build what will undoubtedly be a low volume model.

Similarly, Murtha shot down reports that a turbocharged version of the FR-S with about 250 ponies under the hood is under development. “That’s not something that’s coming,” affirmed the executive without providing additional details.

While the FR-S will remain a naturally-aspirated 200-horsepower coupe in the foreseeable future, Scion has promised it will take a number of steps to keep the model looking fresh as it enters the second half of its life cycle.

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