Not a scratch! Take a look inside Bugatti’s Grand Sport Vitesse delivery process

When Bugatti delivers one of its 1,000-plus-horsepower vehicles to a client, the supercar manufacturer takes every precaution: foam covers, soft touch wrapping, the whole shebang.

The brand’s careful unveiling process was on full display during the consignment of a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse last month in San Diego, California.

The ornately colored car was purchased through Symbolic Motors, where photographer and marketing specialist Spencer Berke was there to capture it on film.

As you can see, the car arrives in a dedicated semi, shrouded in soft, vented wrapping. Why does a car need air holes, you ask? Probably to the keep the intakes unobstructed during startup, but it does make the car feel alive.

The wheels are further protected by individual pieces of foam and cloth, held together by zip ties. The convertible top holder, as well as the special cloths used for roof removal, come in a separate box.

Clearly, this isn’t like leasing a Lincoln from a strip mall lot.

As the Bugatti gradually sheds it protective layers and slips into its flamboyant street clothes, the car’s custom color scheme emerges. Berke says Bugatti’s artisans used the lights inside their paint booth as inspiration for the design, taping off the overhead lamp’s reflections and spraying around them. The striking red and black motif continues inside the car as well.

According to the photographer, the entire delivery process took two hours, with a Bugatti technician there from start to finish.

The Vitesse’s extravagant unwrapping procedure is matched only by the car’s specifications: 1200 hp, 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, and a price of $2,250,000.

What else would you expect from the fastest roadster on Earth?

Watch video of the delivery below.

(Photos via Spencer Berke)