SEAT Ibiza Cupster is a radical roofless concept from VW’s Spanish brand

Every year at the Woerthersee festival in Austria, Volkswagen gives its fans a gift in the form of a mind-blowing concept car (like this year’s GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo). The tradition has become so popular, that VW has expanded it to its other brands.

Last year, Spanish SEAT unveiled the Leon Cup Racer concept, and this year it’s back with something even more ambitious.

The SEAT Ibiza Cupster is a radical roofless concept built to celebrate the Ibiza’s 30th anniversary. It’s more than just a convertible: The low-cut windshield and side windows make it look like a 1950s race car.

Metallic roll hoops complete the roadster look, while the body itself has been lowered and widened, taking the Ibiza Cupster further away from the humbler hatchback it’s based on.

Unfortunately, the powertrain remains pretty much the same as the one in that stock hatchback. Under the bright-orange hood is a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 178 horsepower, coupled to a DSG dual-clutch transmission.

Both items are pulled from the sporty Ibiza Cupra, but a car that looks like this begs for more. A transplant from one of Volkswagen’s many powerful Golf GTI variants seems appropriate.

Of course, it’s all academic in the end. The Ibiza Cupster is just a concept meant to wow fans at Worthersee, and show that engineers throughout the Volkswagen Group know how to have fun.

Plus, SEAT isn’t sold in the United States, so even if the Cupster did get built, it would be forbidden fruit here.