Sell your oven and buy a Lamborghini … your supercar can cook turkey, too

sell oven buy lamborghini apparently can use cook turkey lambo

Digital Trends cannot recommend that you cook turkey with a Lamborghini, even if we would like to.

It turns out the flames from the back of a Lamborghini Aventador don’t just kill polar bears, they can also cook a turkey.

In this ill-advised video shows one of the most expensive ways to cook a turkey – and get carbon monoxide poisoning at the same time. In it, a cherubic Brit manages to get his hands on a Lamborghini Aventador LP-640 Oakley Design that has been tricked out to look like a reindeer … and uses to cook a turkey. As an aside, if Santa really is going to deliver presents to some two billion homes, he might actually need a team of Aventadors.

For all of you at home, get out your pens – or your copy and paste functions – because here is what you need to cook your turkey: one Lamborghini Aventador (Rudolph nose optional), one assistant, one turkey and one pitchfork. Cooking time: probably about all twelve days of Christmas.

Sure, the video ends in about two minutes with the host eating some lovely browned turkey. If that is the same one that he was trying to cook; then I am Tiger Woods.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this video is that the incredibly expensive Lamborghini sounds terrible at idle. Seriously, the idle exhaust note sounds like my old Volvo 740 when the muffler was half rusted through and starting to fall off. I genuinely hope that sound is due to low-quality sound recording equipment. Otherwise, there are bound to be some very, very disappointed playboys out there.

This video might be ridiculous, but still it is an awesome way to cook a turkey.