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Chevrolet offers three flavors of Stingray for SEMA 2013: Racecar, private jet, and Tron

sema 2013 chevrolet unveils three corvette stingray concepts pacific coupe

The Corvette Stingray rightfully captured the imagination of the motoring world with outstanding looks and prodigious performance. Somehow, Chevrolet designers were able to improve upon those elements with three ‘Vette concepts for SEMA 2013. Although none offers dramatically improved performance, the three ‘Rays have style up the wazoo.

The heavy-hittingest of the SEMA Corvettes is the Stingray Coupe Pacific – pictured above – that comes straight from the track.

The designers were clearly on their A-game when they mixed torch red paint with black racing stripes accents. With this color scheme, the styling pops. And 10-year-old me would have told you that the stripes make it go faster.

As with the other ‘Vettes featured at SEMA, the Stingray Coupe Pacific has custom carbon fiber rockers and splitters. On this one, though, the carbon fiber weave is left visible. Best of all, however, the roof panel is removable, allowing drivers to enjoy racetrack speed with an open top. 

There are a few race inspired mechanical touches, too. The engine has a dry sump oiler, the brakes are beefed up, and the cooling system has been designed to handle the sorts of volcanic temperatures that only exist on the track. Even the seven-speed manual transmission has been re-jiggered to offer tighter racing gear ratios.

2013 Corvette Stingray Atlantic Convertible

Next up: the Stingray Convertible Atlantic concept, which looks to capture the more sophisticated customer’s eye. With that in mind, the changes to the interior attempt to recreate the sophisticated feel of a private jet. Trimmed in suede, the cabin features awesome custom seats, a race-style steering wheel, and racing harnesses. Chevrolet even created custom luggage.

The exterior lets the interior effort down a bit. It looks great, I especially like the wheels; but the overall effect is a bit less refined and sophisticated. It might still resemble a private jet, but that jet belongs to Larry the Cable Guy.

Lastly, we have the Gran Turismo Concept. Inspired by the Corvette that gamers can drive in the upcoming Gran Turismo 6, the concept leaves no doubt that it comes from the virtual world.

Electric blue paint and yellow headlights make it look like it might come straight out of Tron. The engine and principal suspension components might be stock, but the rest of the car is swathed in carbon fiber areo effects. The big rear wing is the most noticeable but the front grille, splitter, and rockers are all-new and designed to make this thing feel – if not act – like a race car.

These Stingrays may not demonstrate that much new tech, but they do show different directions that Chevy might take with the future of the C7 Corvette. The last generation featured some amazing performance editions, and these variations might just show what we have waiting for us in the future of the Stingray.

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